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Mike Okray has lived in beautiful central Wisconsin amongst whitetail deer, turkey, waterfowl, numerous small game, and faithful dogs all his life. As a young boy, the Wisconsin River was his Huckleberry Finn adventure land -- full of bullheads and carp. He hunted for ducks in the stink marshes of his backyard, and took the occasional prized grouse that somehow flew into the line of his.410 shotgun.


At a young age, his father taught him the fine art of shooting a gun, and it wasn't long before he began participating in the fall weekend trap shoots in the area. When he was 17, his father bought him his first real "trapshooting gun" and he began shooting in a few registered shoots around the state.


In college, Mike formed the first trapshooting team in the history of Lakeland College, and took the team to the 1973 nationals in Lynn Creek, Missouri. He was then invited to participate in the 1973 USA International Championship. In 1974, he won the Wisconsin State Class AA International Clay Championship. He also had a tryout for the 1976 Olympic Games. He formed an international hunting agency calls Hunts West Inc. in 1983, which took him on hunting expeditions and adventures around the world. He continues to hunt on a non-professional basis to this day.

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